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07 August 2020

Sequel Presents: God, Zoom and the return to work

As the debate about when and if employees should return to their normal workplace rumbles on, join our new-look Sequel Presents event for a unique perspective on the subject that has dominated the headlines this summer.

In our first Coffee With… programme on 3 September, we’ll be chatting to Matt Batten, Director of Communication and Engagement at Diocese of Llandaff, part of the Church in Wales, about the similarities between the corporate workplace and places of worship.

We’ll find out why some people are missing their office like parishioners are missing their church and how a sense of community and collaboration on a personal level is important to both groups; as Matt says, Zoom calls have made us all rethink the way we work but many people are missing the face-to-face connections with their colleagues and fellow parishioners are feeling the same way.

Matt Batten – Director of Communication and Engagement at Diocese of Llandaff, part of the Church in Wales

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Matt will expand on this issue during his chat with Sequel director Nick Andrews and will also share his experience of suddenly introducing the concept of digital communication to Welsh worshippers, many of whom had little or no experience of online activity before Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown.

He’ll also explain how churches in Wales have gradually reopened their doors, how they’ve made the return to worship a safe one and the lessons corporate organisations can learn from his own experiences.

Nick Andrews – Business Development Director at Sequel Group

Join us for a 30-minute conversation about the return to work which, hopefully, will offer fresh insight into an issue that will continue to be centre stage for the coming months; there’ll be the chance to ask questions and share your own experiences too.

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