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27 January 2020

Talking to IT about the importance of a people-first approach to implementing Microsoft Office 365

Sometimes having lots of options can be bewildering and knowing where to start with Microsoft Office 365 – and how best to use Microsoft Teams to collaborate at work – can be a challenge.

IT and comms teams need to come up with a practical and workable selection of tools to use. The solution, discussed in depth at the Corporate IT Forum (CITF) workshop on Thursday 23 January, is to look at people first. Not ‘which of these tools do I want to use?’ but ‘which tools will benefit the people who work here?’

The workshop took a practical approach to Office 365 and collaborating successfully through Microsoft Teams. Sequel’s Digital Director Charles Fenoughty ran an ‘Ask the expert’ session to help attendees explore the possibilities of Office 365 and go away with practical steps to take. The workshop explained how each of the tools is used and its benefits.

Questions covered security and safety, how Office 365 compares with traditional file sharers, and using the tools to communicate with both internal and external people.

“As a leading employee experience agency we’re truly changing the conversation,” says Charles. “We’re speaking to IT people about the key role of comms in enabling digital transformations and what that means for employees.”

Louise McGrath, Project Manager at Tata Steel Europe, talked about Microsoft Teams for agile and international teams. She covered definition, purpose, governance and – crucially – getting executive buy-in.

Charles summarised the day-long event for participants and emphasised that IT must put people at the heart of everything they do.

“The important message is that ultimately whatever tech you choose it has to be about people,” he says. “You have to ask yourself how to make the most of your Microsoft Office 365 investment or digital strategy. What will make your intranet stand out? What’s the best collaborative or social channel? And while you’re answering those questions, always think about the people who will use the tools. They’re what it’s all about.”

He adds: “CITF recognises the importance of people in technology. That’s why they partner with agencies like Sequel that put communications at the centre of technology. We understand the technology inside out and – importantly – we also understand audiences. We know why and how you should you use 365 tools and what impact they can have on your comms and your people.”

Attendees found the workshop very informative and useful. Comments included:

“Thank you CITF… What a great #O365 #workshop today. It was more than productive; it helped me to clarify some doubts and gave me ideas to my deployment strategy and planning.”

“Louise talked very calmly and came across as genuine. Some good points about behaviours for adoption.”

“Charles is clearly an expert. Excellent info – very relevant. Needed more time for him.”