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20 April 2020

Adapting to change, the psychology of work and helping employees feel motivated

Change brings differing reactions and leads to employees feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, frustrated, isolated, dubious or silenced.

We wrote this back in January when the world was a different place. But today, it’s a sentence that’s more pertinent than ever.

Recent events have proved that the modern workplace is about far more than ‘the tech’. It’s about people, culture and using new technology to help people be more productive and successful at work.

So how can internal communicators help our audiences to make the best of the modern workplace? And what does the impact of COVID-19 tell us about the psychology of work and how we can apply the new world order to best effect?

Join us at our next Sequel Presents webinar which updates our original seminar planned for March and builds on the themes in our Modern Employee Experience Report 2020.


Our speaker will be Deborah Hulme, neuroleader and founder of Minerva Engagement, who will explore the relationship between psychological safety and employee experience (EX).

Deborah Hulme – Neuroleader, founder of Minerva Engagement

“A psychologically safe organisation is one that understands our core needs and drivers of employee behaviour,” says Deborah. “When these needs are met, then EX is enhanced, along with the performance and wellbeing of the organisation.”

“I’ll be offering my insights on these core needs and how, as communicators, building our understanding of brain capacity and our biological need for social connection is key to delivering high performance and a rewarding EX.

“And, of course, I’ll be sharing how these insights can be applied to the new ways of working many employees are facing right now.”

Guided meditation session for internal comms pros

As part of our Sequel Presents ‘Adapting to change, the psychology of work’ webinar on 7 May, our speaker Deborah Hulme of  Minerva Engagement is leading a short, guided meditation session for internal coms pros on ‘Mindfulness of breath’ from her company’s 10 Day Mindfulness Programme.

Don’t miss out, sign up today to attend this timely webinar on the psychology of work and how to help employees feel motivated. And, it may help you unwind too, even for a short while.

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In the meantime you can book your FREE spot for Thursday 7 May, 11-12pm via Eventbrite, click here. You’ll receive a link to the webinar shortly after.