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07 January 2020

The Modern Employee Experience Report 2020

How do employees feel about their life at work today?

Employee experience is the meeting point of technology, environment and culture, where communicators, HR and IT work together to deliver the best performance and impact for business.

In our Future Workplace Report 2019, we considered the employee experience from the perspective of the workplace. This year, it’s all about the human point of view.

Based on our expertise and research from work we’ve completed for clients who deliver comms to a combined total of over a million employees, we’ve gathered valuable insights that will help you empower and engage your employees in 2020.

Here is a sneak peek to some of the key findings.

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1. Digital tools: how do employees really feel about them?

Right now, many colleagues are feeling frustrated, tearing their hair out at the lack of essential digital tools and the minimal training and support they get to use those they already have.

2. Remote working: what does it look like for colleagues, and line management?

Colleagues can feel isolated when they are working in different locations and – in the absence of quality line management – are often left to work things out for themselves.

3. “In employees we trust” – but do they trust their organisations?

Employees can be dubious about your communication culture, and the perceived level of honesty of internal messaging.

Find out how you can tackle key challenges that communicators face in 2020 from a truly insightful and data-driven report.

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