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16 September 2020

What do your colleagues really think?

Now more than ever, knowing how engaged employees are with communications and how they feel about the workplace is critical to the wellbeing of your people and company

Over the last five months, the volume of communications has been dialled up in organisations big and small.

We’re communicating business news, action plans, revised strategies, addressing employee concerns on safety, sharing new initiatives, and generally being the information glue that binds a business together.

Employees are getting used to this faster and more frequent pace of internal comms. Will they expect the same as we settle into the new working era? Probably. A recent McKinsey survey of 800 employees on a wide variety of topics related to employee experience found that people working remotely are more engaged and have a stronger sense of well-being than those in non-remote jobs with little flexibility.

But more than 80% of the respondents in that survey said that the crisis is materially affecting their daily work lives – people have widely varied experiences, perspectives, and outcomes.

As people who’ve been working remotely slowly start to return to their workplaces, internal comms teams have an opportunity to help their organisations to reshape the pace and format of communications and the employee experience. By taking regular checks on the differing ways that people want to receive communications, how messages are landing, how people are feeling and individuals’ wellbeing, employee experience can be addressed in a more targeted and dynamic way to influence business success.

Sequel has created the Four Pillars™ Employee Engagement Measurement methodology, a powerful blend of tools and expertise to measure people’s workplace experience and wellbeing to help IC and HR get quick insight into how colleagues rate their employee experience.

The survey is a set of specific questions that helps you to measure and track IC progress and identify priorities for investigation and action. It will take colleagues less than five minutes to complete and can be shared through online platforms and on paper for colleagues who would need or prefer that option.

Our analysis gives you a valuable snapshot of attitudes to communications, satisfaction and wellbeing, benchmarked against other leading organisations – useful insight to refine your approach and use your budget more efficiently.

43% of employees say communication is the area leadership most needs to improve on (Hays survey)

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To find out more about the Four Pillars™ Employee Engagement Measurement methodology and how it might benefit your communications, check out our Products page and request a toolkit.