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02 December 2021


Sequel’s Julie Sander elected Chair of EVCOM

Julie Sander, Senior Producer at Sequel, has been elected Chair of the Event and Visual Communication Association (EVCOM).

EVCOM is the industry body that promotes and celebrates the success of Britain’s creative industries.

As EVCOM Chair, Julie will work with the board and Executive Director Claire Fennelow to support professionals who work in the events and visual communication industries, whether they are freelancers, in-house or working with agencies.

Julie joined EVCOM to represent Sequel and says it’s great that there’s an industry body that allows professionals to connect with others in the industry and to help them understand the important issues of the day.

“I joined the board in lockdown when the events and film industries were hit very hard and it was particularly relevant to see how others were coping,” she says. “We took part in webinars and shared experiences on topics including the growth of user-generated content and what it meant for filmmakers. The events industry was suddenly faced with the cancellation of all live events and had to adapt to virtual events instead. Being EVCOM members helped professionals weather that storm.

Julie officially took on her new role at EVCOM’s premier event of the year, the London Live and Film Awards. “The Chair role rotates every two years between someone representing events and someone from the film side,” she says. “I made a speech where I explained that I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and have worked in broadcasting and corporate film as a freelancer as well as setting up a film resource for a national charity and now within an agency – so I feel like I can really represent all the categories our members join us from.”

Julie has been involved in recruiting EVCOM’s first Shadow Board for young filmmakers and events professionals. She’s looking forward to working with the next generation coming into these industries and leading the way at an exciting time for film and live events.