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25 June 2013

Skinvertising: The Next Big Thing?

You know how you watch a TV ad, enjoy it and then two minutes later you’ve forgotten what the commercial was endorsing?

The challenge of building brand recognition is something that marketeers have long been tackling; but now they seem to have come up with a solution – skinvertising.  It’s a horrible word but it sums up marketing’s latest bright idea to build permanent brand recall – tattoos!

Yes, there are an increasing amount of organisations who will pay you to have a tattoo of a brand or company inscribed in permanent ink on your delicate skin. Reebok, Red Bull, HBO and ASOS are among those brands who are said to have embraced skinvertising.

It got us thinking at Sequel about the kind of brands – and the parts of the body – that would best be suited to this unique way of advertising. For example, Nivea on the face, Adidas on the foot, Tie Rack on the neck, McDonalds on the stomach, Sony on the ears. There must also be a place for Arsenal FC to advertise…

You could, of course, take it further. Different parts of an organisation could take employee engagement to new heights. There’s no reason why the Marketing department couldn’t tattoo the lips, Legal Services the head, Call Centre the ears etc. 

Internal comms, of course, would be tattooed on the heart…