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29 November 2013

Storyboard – November 2013 issue

November issueOur November 2013 issue of Storyboard was published today – with a range of articles about employee engagement and internal comms!

Our main article shared Rachel Miller’s (@AllthingsIC) results for her 2013 social media survey of how internal communications pros use social media which were made into an engaging infographic by Sequel Group.

We included an article from Guardian Sustainable Business which looked at why more companies aren’t getting involved with sustainability engagement initiatives – which can save companies’ money and improve overall employee engagement rates – and what your business can do to implement changes and show the return on investment.

On the social side – which would you choose Facebook or money? Storyboard included an infographic which delves into the psychology behind social media with stats such as “56% of people said they would not take a job if it did not allow access to social media”.

And discussing dancing at the employee engagement disco four leading cloud vendors —, Workday, Cornerstone Ondemand and Google —presented their views on what being connected means for employee engagement.

Finally, a study from the CIPD has found that managers have very different ideas regarding the levels of trust in their workplaces compared to their employees.

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