Training for a sustainable future

According to a recent article by Forbes magazine, upskilling and retraining staff will be one of the top 10 workplace trends for 2018. And with good reason; the employed increasingly fear becoming obsolete, and the benefits of investing in upskilling and training employees far outweigh the costs.

As internal communicators, we are always on the lookout for new and improved ways to engage people within an organisation, often neglecting our own skills to adapt to change. Why should you be learning new things? We explore some of the reasons why:

  1. Leading by example

One of the best ways to build trust and engagement is to lead by example. Being an effective communicator means showing the way for those around you with an in-depth understanding of best practice and future trends.

  1. Be innovative

In a disruptive age where change is the ‘new normal’, businesses that fail to encourage innovation will struggle to grow. Training increases understanding of new approaches and technologies – a move away from email and traditional intranets to Microsoft Office 365 for instance, or the skill of storytelling.

  1. Good for the bottom line

An IBM Smarter Workforce study found that 84 per cent of employees in best performing organisations are receiving the training they need, compared with 16 per cent in the worst performing companies. The benefits of upskilling include faster rollout of products and processes, better project success, more engaged workforces and better customer satisfaction.

If you’re interested in building your internal communications knowledge and skills, BRICK by Sequel can help.