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13 June 2018

Yakking with purpose

Around 160 internal comms professionals gathered on 9 June at The Big Yak Unconference to share ideas, experiences and to network.

Crowdsourced topics included: IC’s role in innovation; reviving comms through 0365; helping line managers be better communicators; working smarter; getting executive buy-in; communicating with remote workers;  connecting people to purpose; organisational comms and many more.

Sequel was there – here’s our top five take-outs:

  • Leadership comms and helping line managers be better communicators continues to be on the agenda as a big challenge
  • Skills: we need to up our game, be more courageous and better at relationship- building skills to connect with other departments within the organisation including HR & IT. The knowledge gathered from surveys, conversations with employees, and measurement helps us to surface the truth and to be honest about what’s not going well. This  gives us confidence to challenge leadership and search for efficient ways to align internal comms strategy with the broader business objectives
  • Measurement: communicators still have issues with measurement. Most of us have a passion for the written word and comms because we don’t have the same love and passion for numbers, so struggle with long reports, tables of numbers and stats we don’t understand. It’s ok to admit we don’t know everything and can learn! Take ‘baby steps’. Start small, try things out
  • O365: The biggest issue? Frustration. Employees say there are too many places to go with no clear purpose, too many tools to use and no structure or organisation. Internal communicators also feel that strategy and comms teams need to create more synergy and work together with a front row seat in top meetings when it comes to deciding what tech and tools a company will adopt. Not being at the table for the insight into tech adoption is contradictory and counter-efficient for a business
  • IC career path: Developing our own skills and confidence is key, as is nurturing young talent.