One of the most common mistakes we see organisations make is giving their people what they think they want, rather than what they actually need.

We’re working with clients to improve their communications through insightful measurement, , bespoke training courses, and practical delivery.

Our expertise comes from delivering communications for more than 40 years. That means we quickly get to the heart of your comms challenges to be that ‘critical friend’ with clear thinking and plain-talking ideas that improve employee experience.

Our measurement and research work covers regular pulse surveys, more in-depth audits and reviews, and data analysis.

We also devise, develop and deliver digital strategies for intranets, O365, ESNs and microsites, and content strategies for internal channels and campaigns.

At the centre of our work is your audience. We work with you to profile and map the audiences so that you’re shaping and building communication that’s more valuable and meaningful.

And our training package, BRICK (Building Real Internal Communications Knowledge), focuses on you and your team: sharpening your skills in a rapidly changing comms landscape, from creating an effective intranet, to engaging line managers, and improving your presentation or writing skills.

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