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Insightful, practical, useful resources

Employee engagement case studies

Our greatest hits from across our client work. 

Work that’s engaging and empowering people, demonstrating an impact on business performance.

How to guides

Valuable and useful employee engagement best practice and tips, our How To Guides are designed to give internal communicators the edge. 

Our guides pull together best practice from the industry, and our own expertise.

Whether you want to know about internal communication measurement, digital workplace solutions, creating the right channel mix, shaping and delivering internal communication strategies, personalisation of content, or getting the best use of your MS 365 suite, we have a useful guide for you.

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Employee engagement
trends reports

Created for employee engagement experts who choose to stay ahead of the curve.

Our regular employee engagement trends reports are research-led, created by our expert IC  insight team to help internal communication professionals be up-to-date with the latest trends, themes and issues in employee engagement, HR and IT.


Our new podcast series to drive employee engagement,  mICdrop  features guests from the internal communication industry and beyond to explore the issues that are shaping the workplace. 

Short to digest, conversational but challenging, and featuring at least one need to know ‘mic drop’ moment in each episode.


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