What we do

As a full-service employee engagement agency, our unique blend of skills and expertise across Insight, Content and Technology create powerful employee engagement solutions that deliver results.

Clients rate our unmatched ability to deliver influential insight, captivating content and transformational technology that engages, empowers and connects your audiences.

Our Services

Internal Communications Agency

Clients choose us as their trusted internal communications agency for our smart thinking and standout creative that connects employees and inspires action.

Employee engagement content

We’ve got years of experience in shaping, creating and delivering employee engagement content that makes your internal communication campaigns stand out.

Data-led communication solutions

In today’s dynamic business landscape, our data-led communication services go beyond the standard analytics to give you the full picture.

Employee engagement/comms measurement

Our employee engagement measurement helps you listen to what your audiences are really saying, so that you make the right decisions about your internal communications strategy and the channels you need based on facts, not opinions.

Digital transformation agency

It’s a constant challenge to deliver digital transformation solutions that meet both employee expectations and your business potential.

As a leading digital transformation agency, we shape experiences around the users that matter most.

Digital workplace services and consulting

The changing workplace brings new opportunities – and challenges that our digital workplace consulting team can help you to resolve.

Intranet solutions

Refresh and modernise your intranet to better inform and connect your employees, wherever they are.

We work alongside you to find the best intranet solutions to suit your people, your culture and organisation.

Line manager training

Line manager communications training

Line managers are the most trusted and preferred source of company information, having a big impact on employee engagement, productivity, culture and overall performance.

Our line manager communications training solution can help internal teams manage the challenge.