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15 February 2024

365 ways to use Microsoft 365, but are you using the right one?

If your organisation is using Microsoft 365 but you’re still not sure if you’re getting the best out of it, or understanding the ‘art of the possible’, you’re not alone. 

Four years in to running the popular Microsoft 365 for Communicators course on behalf of the Institute of Internal Communication, it’s interesting for us to hear how much confusion still exists about the suite. 

As one attendee from the latest cohort told us this week: “We launched 365 quickly at the start of the pandemic and it’s really helped us to embrace hybrid working, but some people are stuck in their ways! So we’re starting to think about how we can make more of it now, and how to really sell it in to our colleagues; to get them curious and excited about what’s possible in this new way of working.”

And we see the same in our client work, over the last few years helping global organisations to plan, launch and embed Microsoft 365 – building on best practices to tailor the approach for each, and provide the clarity and ‘possible’ that’s often missing. 

Our experienced Insight and Digital teams are working with clients to help them shape their digital workplaces so that they give them the foundation and tools they need to really make hybrid working work. 

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