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Valuable and useful employee engagement best practice and tips, our How To Guides are designed to give internal communicators the edge. 

Our guides pull together best practice from the industry, and our own expertise.

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How to guides - Valuable and useful employee engagement best practice and tips
How to… communicate change
Change is a constant in the workplace, from digital transformation to new processes and ways of working. How can you ensure you engage employees with what’s important and cut through the noise so that your message is more relevant and engaging for your audiences?
How to… help leaders be better communicators
Harnessing the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills a leader can have in today’s workplace. Leaders at all levels need to know far more than the mechanics of sending and receiving information, but many say they are not always sure or confident enough to do it – which is where IC professionals come in.
How to… measure internal communications
Internal communication measurement proves the value of your strategy, your communications and channels. Research shows that while comms people believe that measurement is important, going beyond the data and analytics from digital channels is often a challenge. Understanding what channels or tools work best for your audiences, and when to use them, will help you get better value from your communications.
How to…engage through storytelling
Stories are a keystone of employee engagement, helping audiences to find meaning in messaging and to retain what they need to know. Storytelling is a skill that when done well, has the power to change the way we think and act and is a valuable device to bring business to life.
How to…get the best out of the Microsoft Viva Suite
The Viva Suite is the latest addition to Microsoft 365. It’s a new set of tools designed to support internal communications, campaigns, and employee engagement. How can you use these tools as part of your employee experience strategy? And to reach and better understand your audiences? To focus your efforts in an increasingly diversified technology environment?
How to…maintain an effective intranet
A company’s intranet can be far more than just a place for policies, business information and announcements. An effective and engaging intranet is valued as a useful experience and resource for learning, collaboration and building organisational culture.
How to…create a compelling Employee Value Proposition
In today’s competitive market, an organisation’s reputation extends far beyond its products and services; it influences how existing and potential employees view the organisation as a workplace. Strong and relatable employer branding reinforces company values, builds employee loyalty, and impacts the bottom line.
How to…connect non-desk and remote workers
As many as 80% of the world’s employees are deskless. They are in industries such as construction, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and agriculture and have different communication needs than those who are technologically connected. Keeping all employees connected – to information, to the tools and resources they need, to each other and to the business as a whole – is a key driver for organisational success and productivity.
How to get the best out of Microsoft 365
More than 345 million people use the Microsoft 365 suite within the digital workplace. It's the market leader, is stable, secure, flexible, and integrates with apps you’re already using but there are also challenges to make sure you get the best out of the suite.
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