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06 April 2022

The Purposeful Workplace: how to create a compelling corporate culture

Record numbers were moved to, well… move, when it came to work last year. The challenge is writ large for employers – offer a clear, compelling purpose and corporate culture or your organisation will suffer.

Among some employees, early pandemic panic gave way to a kind of languishing – or an ‘absence of wellbeing’, as organisational psychologist Adam Grant calls it. Simply put, it has blunted focus, decreased motivation, and watered down the work ethic among some employees – leaving them adrift from their own organisations.

The high turnover of employees – dubbed the great resignation – has brought the issue of employee voice, satisfaction, and work purpose to the fore. A recent study by Glassdoor found a bad corporate culture to be 10.4 times more likely to send employees packing than their pay packet. And among younger employees particularly, a strong, relatable purpose is a crucial part of their day-to-day engagement.

Employers should communicate a renewed and authentic purpose and engage employees in it. Clear, compelling evidence of social purpose, strategic objectives and environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments – restated often – will inspire ownership and identity.

And, from a business point of view, helping employees to understand your organisational goals will surely make you more likely to achieve them together.

Last year, the MIT Sloan Survey found that 72% of respondents strongly agree that it is ‘very important to them to work for an organisation with a purpose they believe in’.

So, effective internal communication will help you leave languishing behind and find your flow when it comes to employees united behind a common purpose.

Sequel’s ninth Employee Engagement Trends Report 2022 asks how communicators can help businesses balance their corporate and social purposes with strategic objectives while connecting remote teams.

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