One of the most common mistakes we see organisations make is giving their people what they think they want, rather than what they actually need.

We’re working with clients to improve their communications through insightful measurement, , bespoke training courses, and practical delivery.

Our expertise comes from delivering communications for more than 40 years. That means we quickly get to the heart of your comms challenges to be that ‘critical friend’ with clear thinking and plain-talking ideas that improve employee experience.

Our measurement and research work covers regular pulse surveys, more in-depth audits and reviews, and data analysis.

We also devise, develop and deliver digital strategies for intranets, O365, ESNs and microsites, and content strategies for internal channels and campaigns.

At the centre of our work is your audience. We work with you to profile and map the audiences so that you’re shaping and building communication that’s more valuable and meaningful.

And our training package, BRICK (Building Real Internal Communications Knowledge), focuses on you and your team: sharpening your skills in a rapidly changing comms landscape, from creating an effective intranet, to engaging line managers, and improving your presentation or writing skills.

Campaigns That Deliver Results

Pension Protection Fund: Video training boosts confidence

The challenge  We support the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) with their professional film content, but the communications team wanted to ...

C&A Foundation: Inspiring stories change fashion industry perceptions

The challenge C&A Foundation is the corporate foundation for the global fashion retailer, C&A. It believes that fashion has the ...

BUPA: Fun campaign delivers serious message

The challenge In 2017, there were growing concerns that some people weren’t washing their hands after using the bathroom. Given ...

NHS Digital: empowering digital communications through storytelling

The challenge NHS Digital – the UK’s health and social care information and technology partner – and UCLPartners (UCLP) – ...

BUPA: Putting people at the heart of a company strategy

The challenge Bupa’s new strategic framework – a campaign known as ‘The Bupa Story’ – needed to be shared through ...

BUPA: Inspiring a culture of appreciation

The challenge Bupa’s global #BupaThanks campaign invited employees to thank each other for the big and small things they do ...

C&A Foundation: Inspiring action through narrative

  The challenge C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation, working in partnership with the C&A international fashion retail chain. With ...

Nationwide: Campaign puts Customers First

The challenge Nationwide is the largest building society in the world with around 19,000 employees. The firm’s been a sector ...

Measurement That Matters

Costa: Bringing 21st century communication to the nation’s favourite coffee shop brand

The challenge Voted the nation’s favourite coffee shop brand for eight years in a row, in the UK Costa employs ...

CPRE: Defining comms strategy

The challenge CPRE (the Campaign to Protect Rural England) is a national environmental charity that campaigns for a beautiful and ...

Nationwide: Building a picture for future comms strategy

The challenge Nationwide, with 19,000 employees around the UK in branches and offices, wanted to better understand its communication landscape. ...


VAA’s Communications team had been working on the Comms plan for two years and needed external input to help the plan to continue to evolve.

Strategic Insight

Lloyds Commercial Banking: Empowering people to deliver

The challenge: As the banking sector looks to the future, Lloyds Commercial Banking is focusing on continual improvement and the ...

We Are Social: Platform for growth

We Are Social helps brands to listen to, understand and engage in conversations in social media.

RBS: Combining chaotic platforms to create a functioning intranet

The challenge After multiple restructures, the bank’s intranets were laden with out of date, hard to navigate and redundant content. ...

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