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Meaningful employee
engagement measurement:
The Four Pillars™

Measure behaviour change and internal communications effectiveness with our Four Pillars™ Employee Engagement Measurement suite

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Technology gives us plenty of data on what employees receive, read, watch and engage with. But how can we capture diverse employee voice, or find out what people really think, feel, and do as a result of our comms, so we can measure behaviour change or effectiveness?

Our clients tell us they lack time, resource, tools and the metrics to seek out – and act on – measurement with meaning and business value.
1 in 4 organisations don’t measure satisfaction with internal comms, behaviour change and business outcomes
Gallagher State of the Sector report

The Four Pillars™ Employee Engagement Measurement suite turns data into actionable insight. Our methodology, a powerful blend of tools and expertise, is built on our established research into the four pillars that link and support effective communications and business success.

We review and map communications against:

1. Clarity of purpose
2. Effective collaboration
3. Effective information sharing and
4. Consistent leadership behaviour

This methodology means we gather meaningful data to turn into actionable insights that help organisations be productive places where people want to work.

Four Pillars™ employee engagement measurement suite a measurement methodology for internal communicators

What’s in our Four Pillars™ Employee Engagement Measurement methodology?

There are four services to help you make your communications more effective.

All four provide a valuable and useful benchmark against other leading organisations. To see how we've helped clients deliver measurable comms and business performance request examples of our Four Pillars™ work in action.

Employee Engagement Measurement Index

Knowing how engaged your audiences are – especially in changing times – is valuable business information.

We use our Employee Engagement Measurement Index to find out if the right messages are reaching the right audiences; if people have the information and tools to work effectively; and how engaged and connected they feel to the business, and to its purpose.

You can choose a quick-to-use pulse survey that can be used regularly to check engagement, or a deeper audit for a fuller evaluation of audiences’ attitudes and perceptions of comms and engagement.

Strategic Narrative Builder

Engaging teams around purpose, strategy and values continues to challenge organisations.

Communicators need to cut through the noise and translate organisational change into a clear, meaningful story that ‘speaks to’ audiences.

It’s an art and a science.

Our tried and tested Strategic Narrative Builder involves client teams, working together to identify and agree a coherent and powerful core story that connects people to the change, and links roll-out and engagement communications.

Internal communication team working on their strategy with Sequel Group's Four Pillars™ employee engagement measurement suite

Audience segmentation workshop

Different audiences have different communication needs. As internal communication shifts from ‘one size fits all’ mass communication, we help clients identify key audiences and to plan and create more targeted messages.

Our expert team works with you to defne your audience personas, to identify what they want and need, the best ways to reach them, the nuances of tone and communication style, and a workable plan to start creating relevant content.

Leadership and line management comms training

Leaders have to be skilled and trusted communicators to unite people behind strategy and vison. Meanwhile, middle managers know the workforce better than anyone, so their ability to deliver messages well is key to an organisation’s success.

But not all leaders or middle managers are born communicators, and many lack the confidence and practical skills.

We help IC teams manage the gap.

We bring essential communications best practice and create interactive valuable small group workshops and toolkits tailored to your organisation, using a mixture of learning styles and reflection for success.