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10 March 2022

The Modern Workplace: digital innovation doesn’t equal tech savvy employees

During one of the fastest revolutions in communication history, communicators face a vital question: how do we optimise this digital innovation opportunity and ensure employees aren’t left behind?

The urgency behind organisations’ scrabble to launch collaboration and community platforms – with literally days’ notice in some cases – meant traditional planning couldn’t happen, with little time to prepare people, refine purpose, and arrange support and guidance. For some, this has left them with overlapping channels, inconsistent workarounds and incompatible ways of working, often hindering rather than helping productivity.

Sequel’s ninth Employee Engagement Trends Report 2022 asks how communicators can help businesses balance their corporate and social purposes with strategic objectives while connecting remote teams.

We explore the opportunities and challenges of the Modern Workplace and predict 2022 as the year when communicators finally switch from pause to play and return to a more strategic approach after two years of clamouring to keep up.

The report includes insights from our client work and across the industry as businesses look to make their future workplace modern, purposeful, people-centric, authentic and focused on wellbeing.

Request our 2022 Trends Report and discover some top tips for evolving your modern workplace in a way that puts employee experience front and centre, with digital innovation and tech as a tool rather than a terror.

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