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14 November 2011

ASPIC – The Fast Track to Employee Engagement [EVENT]

Employee engagement? It takes time, right?

Not necessarily! There are ways to fast track engagement without cutting too many corners and that’s the subject of the latest Aspic seminar.

In our final session of the year we look at how companies take on the challenge of engaging employees quickly either through choice or in a crisis.

We’ve got two fascinating case studies which will give you tips on how to fast forward engagement when time is of the essence.

We’ re delighted to welcome two outstanding speakers for the event, Claire Goring from Virgin Media and Jenni Wheller from food travel experts SSP.

Claire and Jenny will share their experience of engaging employees working for well known brands in what promises to be an insightful session.

And as it’s nearly Christmas, we’re offering this seminar at a reduced price; it’s what we call the fast track to popularity with your accounts team!

We look forward to seeing you.

About the speakers

Claire Goring from Virgin Media has kindly taken time out of her busy schedule to explain how impossible situations can often be brilliantly disguised opportunities. Virgin Media will share two very different case studies closely linked to its values.

Jenni Wheller from SSP will share how the fast roll out of a new intranet to a diverse audience caused engagement challenges but also opportunities. SSP own and manage many of the household catering names (eg Pumpkin, Café Ritazza) you see at airports, stations and other travel hubs.


Cost – £20
Date/Time – 8th December – 9am – 11am
Venue – Soho Hotel, London

To book please email –