Engaging employees with relevant, personalised communications

When a client described our comms app as ‘the LEGO of comms apps’ we agreed it was both the best description and a compliment!

We’ve developed the app to be used anywhere an organisation needs to engage specific audiences with important and relevant content.

Here’s just a few of the possibilities:

  • Remote and front-line employees are notoriously hard to reach, yet most have a mobile device
  • Over a third of line managers don’t feel equipped to communicate with their team, says the recent IC Index Report. Create a collaborative community with best practice guidance, shareable content, and encourage shared experiences, as well as a sense of belonging
  • A new graduate entry? Enhance talent retention and a positive onboarding experience by tailoring content to them before they start work with you. Using their own device, keep them informed with first day logistics, values and vision, news or policies so that they are engaged and ready to be productive from Day 1
  • Engage colleagues with their new work home.  An office move isn’t just about a new building. It’s a refresh, a new start. Share move plans, schedules, and updates, plus localised content with push notifications to inform colleagues about local restaurants, gyms, parking, transport and more.

The Sequel comms app can run across a range of platforms and devices to give users simple-to-access and relevant personalised content.

By using categorisation of articles or posts, content can be tagged and targeted at different users groups in your organisation.

That means that users of the app receive relevant information and can also subscribe to what most interests them and tailor their own comms experience.

Endless possibilities, one simple solution.

We’re really excited about the difference that this comms app can make to the comms experience in a sea of other potential platforms.

It’s easy to use, quick to implement, secure, customisable to your brand and can be developed as either a stand-alone project or a pay-by-user price plan.