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21 July 2021

3 ways to keep leadership conversations human through video

From business updates to strategic storytelling, leaders who use video to connect and engage employees can have a powerful impact. How do we keep these authentic conversations going as we ease into hybrid ways of working? 

We’ve grown used to seeing our leaders and managers communicating with us more, mostly from their homes, up close and personal on screen. Many of our clients are saying that they prefer this informal approach, rather than ‘expensive’ looking films that aren’t always appropriate as we take our first steps into a changed working world.

Internal comms client case study: Adevinta leadership team share business results for colleagues across the business on video


1. Self-shot film and mixed content

Self-shot film is now more widely used, solving the problem of reaching people effectively and quickly, especially with employees working in different places.

But with many organisations now ramping up their return to work strategies, will the demand for self-shot content stay? Our view is that to maintain the visibility and connection to our leaders, a mixed approach to filming is the way forward.

We recently worked with global online classifieds client Adevinta to share their latest results for colleagues across the business. The content, recorded via a Zoom meeting in both speaker and gallery view, resulted in a naturally flowing conversation that brought together three speakers in different countries.

Another recent series of films produced for a virtual global roadshow featured a mix of content. Some leaders were filmed on location in the London office, while others in different global regions were filmed and directed remotely. The films were edited and graphics added to create a consistent look and feel.

2. Use soft skills to help leaders be more authentic

We help leaders to be as authentic and natural as possible  by using our directing and people skills to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

We work with comms teams and leaders directly on bare bones ‘scripting’ messages so that content is clear and consistent rather than preparing long, detailed scripts that are difficult to remember or deliver in a credible way. This behind the scenes planning produces better results with confident, prepared leaders who can deliver in their own style. It also saves the time and money involved in re-shooting any content. Adopting a conversational approach  also helps to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

3. Coach and train to bring the best out of your leaders

For clients looking for additional support, we work with leadership teams on coaching and training to get the best results, whether filming through Teams, on their computers or mobile devices.

As we adapt to hybrid working environments, business leaders need to continue to inspire confidence, share information, and build trust. Video has real impact, and our work with clients is proving that it better connects and engages people, wherever they are.

If you’d like to help your leaders to create effective films that engage employees in an authentic way, contact us at