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Empathetic communications for cost-of-living challenges

While everyone’s reality is different, organisational communications need to reflect and demonstrate empathy for employees facing economic and employment uncertainty.

People wellbeing was already high on organisational agendas thanks to the pandemic, but in the current economic turmoil we’re seeing financial wellbeing firmly at the top of employees’ list of concerns. But how can internal communicators support and engage employees with such a delicate, difficult and personal subject?

In Sequel’s Q1 Trends Report 2023 we take an in depth look at how being thoughtful, considerate and consistent in our wellbeing communications supports a culture of compassion and trust.

According to HR Magazine’s State of Financial Wellbeing research, 93% of organisations now have a financial wellbeing policy including offering cost-of-living payments, pay rises, free food in offices, and help with bills.

However only 52% of employees agree, showing a clear disconnect, which is where internal communication can make a real difference.

Request your copy of Sequel’s Q1 2023 Trends report now for helpful guidance and practical tips on empathetic communications.