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22 April 2024

Sustainability campaign hits 93% for awareness for Bridgestone employees

Mobility company Bridgestone has increased awareness of its sustainable business commitment from 70% to 93% after partnering with Sequel on a creative sustainability campaign.

Challenged to change mindsets and behaviours, to increase the link between sustainability and job roles, and to improve awareness in operations, measurement for the campaign indicated:

Sequel has been working with Bridgestone since 2022 on integrated campaigns to embed and build a sustainable business culture across its Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The 2022 campaign began this mission with the introduction of our ACTIVE8 concept which encouraged and empowered employees to make personal and team pledges related to the Bridgestone E8 Commitment (its global sustainable business initiative).

We developed and built an innovative digital wall where employees could post pictures alongside their pledges. The site has attracted more than 3,000 pledges to date.

We also created a host of engagement materials, emailers, videos and SharePoint content for the campaign, which was particularly successful in reaching previously hard to reach manufacturing employees.

Last year, we built on the original pledge concept to focus on team problem solving. We facilitated more than 50 hackathons where 1,600 employees brainstormed 157 ideas to solve business issues.

The impact of the ACTIVE8 campaign has so far been remarkable, as evidenced in the data and measurement in the annual E8 Survey above.

The campaign has also won external and internal recognition with wins in the FEIEA 2024 Awards and Bridgestone’s own Global Awards.

We’re continuing to work with Bridgestone on its 2024 Sustainable Business campaign when (thanks to the huge success of the concept) we’ll also roll the concept out to Bridgestone Americas.