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23 January 2019

The future workplace is here… are you ready?

The workplace is changing. By 2025, it’s expected that Millennials will make up 75% of a global workforce comprising people from five generations.

Research also shows that employee expectations have shifted radically. Gone are the days when salary and career progression was enough – the evidence shows that we now demand much more when choosing (and staying with) an employer.

Instead, the focus has switched to the full employee experience, encompassing ethics, mobility, work/life balance, purpose, strong leadership, cutting-edge innovation, and wellbeing.

Having a great employee experience benefits the bottom line too. Research shows that companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable. In fact, organisations with a great employee experience outperform Standard and Poor’s 500 by 122%.

But there’s a problem. While 83% of HR leaders say employee experience is important to their organisation’s success, 59% of business leaders say they aren’t fully ready for the challenge.

That’s the inspiration behind Sequel’s Future Workplace Report 2019. Built on a wealth of statistical evidence and examples from industry experts, the report profiles the future workplace and identifies the challenges we face.

We reveal the seven key business issues that will shape the employee experience and offer expert tips to help you become trusted advisors, influencers and drivers of change in your organisations.

It’s clear that communication is at the very heart of delivering the future workplace and experience that employees demand.

We hope the Future Workplace Report 2019 will help prepare you for the challenges, champion the employee experience and explain why it makes a tangible difference to business success.

If you need help getting to grips with the future workplace, our seven key take-outs are the perfect read to challenge your thinking and provide some answers to your communication dilemmas focusing on:

  1. The cross-generational workplace
  2. The mobile workplace
  3. The purposeful workplace
  4. The trusted workplace
  5. The intelligent workplace
  6. The welcoming workplace
  7. The well workplace

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