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20 December 2023

AI certainly helps, but human-led narratives really move us

As AI continues to encroach into what we may have considered to be human-only territory, Sequel writer Matt Hoople argues for the human touch in crafting successful narratives

‘To err is human’, goes the saying but so, it seems, are authentic narratives that move employees and organisations forward together.

The tide of AI continues to roll into more areas that, until recently, were considered human only activity. Current estimates say there were four times the number of users of AI based tools and software in 2023 compared to the previous year.

But it’s clear we retain the lead role in crafting stories, and weaving those storylines into powerful narratives that influence and change behaviour. While AI is supporting and augmenting our daily working, it lacks the touch, tone or authenticity to play the role of narrator.

Participants in a recent Simply webinar, ‘The need for human narratives in an AI age’, agreed their different roles were being influenced by AI.

From Grammarly to AI-driven Google searches, AI is helping us manage tasks and time, mine information quickly, and jump start our creative juices.

Typical AI-assisted activity now includes synthesising meeting notes, drafting early versions of copy or messaging, playing with possible titles and calendar keeping. And the growing number of AI work tools we can pull out of the hat to help us with daily tasks is exciting, said guest presenter Lottie Bazley, a senior strategic advisor in internal communications at Staffbase.

But it was telling – and a little heartwarming – to hear from some creatives in the online audience that they avoid using some AI tools which “take away the parts of the role we like the most”.

Productivity and efficiency gains are one thing when it comes to organisational progress. But tangible, collective shifts in the hearts and minds of an audience – in business or any other sphere – takes uniquely human talents.

To build layers of stories that fuel the strength of feeling – and convince people they are part of something bigger – is the ultimate human-led mission of organisations.

The critical, elusive power of successful narratives – those that really alter how people see the world and change their opinions – remains beyond AI, for now.

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