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08 March 2022

Authentic leadership examples in the modern workplace

The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine has highlighted authentic leadership examples and the lessons business leaders can learn from global events as the corporate landscape adjusts to a new world order.

But what are the tasks of a leader and how can communicators support their changing role?

What are the qualities we expect from those in the boardroom? How does their behaviour impact culture and engage employees? Can big business prosper without leaders who are visible, open, empathetic and authentic?

At our next Sequel Presents event on 7 April at 11-11.30am, we’ll examine the role of the leader in the modern workplace and how we, as communicators, can support executives using the skills and tools we have at our disposal.

We’re delighted that Anna Lane, Group Communications Manager at global personal healthcare company PZ Cussons, will be our guest, sharing authentic leadership examples of the work she and her team are doing for colleagues across the group and what she’s learned from her work with leaders at PZ and previous roles with the likes of Sky TV, Warner Bros, Big Lottery Fund and the University of Brighton.

Anne Lane at PZ Cussons running a leadership interview a case study on authentic leadership examples by employee experience agency Sequel Group


During her time at PZ – whose brands include Carex, Charles Worthington, Original Source and St.Tropez among many others – Anna has introduced a number of tactics to raise the profile of leaders as the company adopts new ways of working. In an interview with Sequel director Nick Andrews, she’ll share what has worked for her and how leaders have embraced their role as communicators.

Check out the recap and request the full recording here.