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05 July 2023


New Internal Communication Index report reinforces the value of line manager communications

Our Sequel Insight team was intrigued to read the new IC Index report this morning, particularly as its findings reflected many of our experiences from recent client work.

The joint IoIC and IPSOS Karian & Box study, the first of its kind to gather direct feedback on communication from more than 3,000 UK employees, identified several critical areas for organisations to address.

Two areas that particularly jumped out at us related to providing more ‘context’ for the work people are doing every day, and in giving them a greater voice.

According to the IC Index report, only 45% of employees have a comprehensive understanding of their organisation’s strategy and genuinely believe in it.

And in our recent comms audits for client organisations, we’ve seen this too. Employees are often looking for greater understanding of the big picture:

Having more opportunities to contribute to decisions, and to share ideas, is another common request. The IC Index found that only 53% of respondents feel that their organisation welcomes open and honest feedback, while 45% believe their employer demonstrates how feedback is used to inform actionable changes.

This is something else we’ve seen in our client projects:

Fundamental to improving these two areas are line managers, but the IC Index found that a third of managers aren’t confident about leading conversations with their teams.

Training and development are needed for this vital audience, but so often we’ve found that line managers either don’t realise that communication is a big part of their role, or don’t give it the love and attention we think it deserves.

Sequel has devised and delivered line manager training programmes for clients to help to raise awareness of the value of communication, and to give managers the relevant practical comms skills to apply as they work with their teams day to day.

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